Unicorn Sightings And More…

Unicorn Sightings And More…


Some people want to believe that mythical creatures once roamed the world, as openly and freely as buffalo and cattle. Some people are ready to open their minds to the idea that perhaps these creatures did exist in our world once upon a time. Where did the idea come from? What was it that gave birth to these ideas and conjurings?

Tales of men being lured to their deaths by beautiful mermaids singing into the ocean breeze. Virgins greeted by their Unicorn counterparts, to be their companions of innocence. Fairies sitting at the bottom of the garden, watching and waiting for a human playmate to join them in mischief.

Some people do believe, have always believed, and continue to believe. With the advances of modern technology, believers have started to come forward with compelling evidence of their claims to have witnessed these so-called mythical beings in their secluded habitats.

It is common knowledge that we know more about the stars than the depths of our own oceans. With that in mind, could it be possible that these creatures of myth and legend have retreated into those unknown corners of the world? Only reaching out to us when we least expect it?

Of course, with advances in modern technology there also comes advances in camera trickery. The sceptics will say that it is nothing more than a catch of the light or our eyes deceiving us. Or that it is quite simply CGI.

What do you believe?

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