The Undateables’ Richard Best Quotes!

The Undateables’ Richard Best Quotes!

The Undateables. Channel 4’s flagship show chronicling the dating escapades of colourful characters who require the services of specialist dating agencies in their search for love. Series 1 in 2012 told the story of Richard, who has Aspergers, who refused to date anyone outside of a 5 mile radius of his london home. His first few forays into the dating game went about as well as the Chernobyl incident. Which he happened to talk about at great length to his Ukrainian born date, Anna.

Things went from bad to worse when he proceeded to steal a chip off second date Dawn’s plate. But all is not lost, Richard met a lovely lady in the latest series, and they even made it as far as the Christmas special!

But it hasn’t been an easy ride. Richard’s type of autism makes it difficult for him to relate to other people. Whilst he perceives his own emotions and opinions matter-of-factly, its difficult to say how they are going to be verbalised. Usually, it’s in a rather dry witted and hilariously well-timed manner. Richard has become the unintentional star of the show, and quite frankly, its easy to see why. Richards 5 mile radius had proved a real comedy talking point.

During the last series a match maker called to tell him he had been found a match. The lucky lady was Lucy, but there was a snag. Lucy lived in Ramsgate. “Where the hell is that?!” Richard chimed. “Its Kent.” the matchmaker revealed. Prompting Richard to shout, “F***ing Kent?!”

There is a certain lady in Richards life that seems to bear the brunt of his comedic realism and that’s his long-suffering Mum, Liz. Always on hand to give him advice on love, which he never takes, Liz just wants her son to find a nice lady (preferably not in Kent) to settle down with. On his weekly thursday visits to his Mum’s house, Richard is often told that flexing his muscles isn’t getting him very far. But Richard has other ideas.

The muscle flex is a standard Richard move. As is declaring himself “Lord Richard” after purchasing himself the title online in the hopes that it will attract, quite literally, a lady. But what exactly is it about the 43-year-old that has won the nations heart? Perhaps we have missed the innocent beauty of being completely honest, and the fact that it is coming from a fully grown man? When Liz asked him who his perfect woman might be, of course it had to be “somebody similar to Kylie Minogue”. Which might be slightly out of his 5 mile radius, but at least Richard is learning to be easier on himself. “One thing I’ve learned.” Richard said, “Is not to talk about Chernobyl.”

Richard is currently having an “exclusive friendship” with charity shop worker Lorien. Things seemed to be getting serious in the christmas special episode, as Richard begrudgingly gave her a christmas card. We wish him all the best for his dating future, and make sure to check out the new series starting on Monday 8th Jan on Channel 4 at 9pm!

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