The True Story Behind the Manchester Bomb Hero

The True Story Behind the Manchester Bomb Hero


Chris Parker was hailed a hero, when on May 22nd 2017, he ran to the aid of victims caught up in the Manchester Arena bombings.

Chris had been living on the streets of Manchester when the Arena was targeted by terrorists during an Ariana Grande concert. He was pictured helping the injured people who came spilling out of the smoking building.

He stayed with them until emergency services arrived, he gave them comfort and warmth, seemingly in exchange for nothing.

In the days after the attack, when the names of the victims were still being announced, fund raising began to try and help Chris get back on his feet.

But in order to do that, people wanted to know more about the hero on the streets. And, as is usually the case, all was not as it seemed.

Chris’ Mother, Jessica Parker, came forward to speak about her son.

It turned out they had been estranged for many years and she had no idea that he had been living on the streets. She believed that he had been living with a girlfriend somewhere. She yearned to be reunited with her hero son.

Chris Parker age 3

‘I’m extremely proud of him and really feel like I need to get in contact,’ she said at the time. ‘It’s exactly the sort of thing Chris would do,’ She continued. ‘He has such a good heart’.

On 30th May 2017 Jessica and Chris were reunited.

It seemed as if things were starting to look up. The GoFundMe pages that had been set up for Chris had begun to raise eye-watering amounts of money. And now he had a reason to turn to his life around.

Speaking about their meeting, Ms Parker said: “It was heart wrenching, absolutely heart wrenching to know that he actually still wanted his mum.

“He told me very matter-of-factly what he did and said, ‘Mum, I’ve just done what anybody else would do’.

“I said, ‘I don’t think so Chris, I think you did something really wonderful and you need to remember that’.

“He’s going to be alright, I know he is.”

Jessica Parker with a photo of Chis as a teenager

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