Things You Can’t Do In England: Jump Into Snow

Things You Can’t Do In England: Jump Into Snow

Do you live in England? Do you wish you could do a fourth floor jump into the snow? Unfortunately you can’t. You’ll end up breaking something, probably your legs and spine.

In fact. Your legs will probably fuse with your spine and you’ll be walking around like an Oompla Loompa for the rest of your life.

Why? Because we don’t get a good snow anymore in England. This isn’t 2010 anymore. We only get a half decent offering that only serves to disrupt drivers for a few hours. We then get a load of rain which then turns it all into ice or slush.

Luckily for this girl in Switzerland however, they do still get decent snow. So much snow in fact that you can jump from the fourth floor window.

Luckily she didn’t get any injuries from the death defying jump. Whether she made it out of there before she became a permanent ice sculpture remains to be seen.

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