The Truth About LearnDirect

The Truth About LearnDirect


LearnDirect is one of the leading companies in providing education in the UK. With its vast array of courses available online and in centres around the country, over 3.5 million people have gained qualifications either by personal or government-funded courses. I was one of those 3.5 million at the start of 2016 when my employer gave me the news that I would be able to gain my NVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care.

In March 2017, Ofsted inspectors gave the company the lowest possible rating, leading to Learndirect to seek court review and an injunction on the publication of this poor result. The court lifted the reporting restriction on 14 August 2017. Subsequently, the Department for Education stated that it would withdraw all funding from Learndirect, placing the future of the organisation at risk.

Due to these government funding cuts, I have been on a nightmarish 6 month journey that can only be described as frustrating at best, and traumatic at worst. I can’t blame the government entirely though. It wasn’t the government who did this to me. It wasn’t the government who has left me high and dry. Months of hard work left in limbo, and an uncertain future if I will ever gain my qualification.

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