The Best Revenge

The Best Revenge


In the beginning it was easy to see why Frank was the best decision she ever made. He had the charisma of a heart breaker, but he always true to his word. He worked hard, but always made time for the things which were as dear to her as they were to him. He was persistent in his pursuit of her, but never overstepped the mark.

Not until she finally said yes. And when she did, he always reminded her of why. Frank was the man all of her friends compared their own husbands and boyfriends to.

And while she stood there in a crowded room, speaking of all the wonderful things he had done for her, he would smile at her from the other side. His blue eyes sparkled in the dim light, the little dimple in his chin flexing as he flashed those perfect white teeth. She felt an inner smugness that she shared a home with this man. Because Frank was not just beautiful on the inside, he turned heads in a way that men rarely do.

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