Tesco ruined Christmas!

Tesco ruined Christmas!

‘Tesco ruined Christmas!’ Customers slam the supermarket after finding their turkeys were ‘rancid, tasted of ACID and made guests sick’

Only 24 hours after the big day, Tesco customers are in uproar over their festive dinners being ruined. Dozens of families in the UK were left without their special meal after discovering their turkey had simply “gone off”. Some customers abandoned their meals before putting the birds in the oven due to the rancid smell. For the other unfortunate few, their grim discovery didn’t come until they had already begun to tuck into their meat.

Angry customers have taken to Facebook  and Twitter to vent their disgust in the state of the £59 Tesco finest range turkeys.

Carl Barber, from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, went on Facebook yesterday and posted a picture of the turkey he bought ‘only a few days ago’. He wrote: ‘This was bought only a few days ago and it’s out of date. 23 quid wasted now have no Xmas turkey for Xmas day. Any customer services available today??’

One Twitter user, Jase @SappninBitton, was forced to order an emergency Chinese takeaway for his family in Glasgow after he discovered their turkey was rotten.

At almost 8pm on Christmas Day, he wrote: ‘We’re sitting waiting on a Chinese coming after @Tesco ruined #ChristmasDinner. Thank the lord for @JustEatUK. Think this is the first time I’ve ever spent money on Christmas Day. What else you gonna do with eight hungry mouths and a rotten turkey. Think I’ll send Tesco the bill.’

He added: ‘I’ve seen a lot of people saying the same. Thankfully I noticed before cooking/eating it. I got refunded for my turkey but the whole meal was ruined.’

Tesco has been inundated with messages from customers regarding their fresh and frozen turkeys and the store apologised to people on social media and offered them a refund.

Alison Kendall, from Essex, said that her Christmas dinner had been ‘ruined’ and described her ‘sheer panic’ when she realised it had gone off at 6am yesterday. She said: ‘Thank you Tesco for the Finest Turkey Crown with a sell by date of 26/12 that had gone off by the 25th… ruining our Christmas Dinner. Imagine my sheer panic at 6am on Xmas Day, opening the turkey wrap to be hit by that ‘gone off’ smell with 10 people coming to Xmas Dinner.’

Kirsten Shore, from Stafford, wrote: ‘Snap! We had the same problem! Our first time hosting and a rotten turkey from @Tesco ruined our day! I’m devastated! Thanks @Tesco for selling me a gone off turkey and wrecking my first Christmas day cooked at my home! £250 wasted. An awful meal and eight sick people!’

She later added on Facebook: ‘I was very excited and worked super hard to make and prepare Christmas dinner for my family for the first time ever but thanks to the Tesco I served them a rotten, racid turkey that was inedible.

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