Most Shocking 911 Calls!

Most Shocking 911 Calls!


We’re all taught from an early age how to call for help in times of distress. Calling 911 (Or 999 if you live in the UK) will get you through to the good guys. Police, Ambulance, Fire and Coastguard services. But they are not the ones who are first on the scene. Emergency call handlers will be the first voices you hear after a traumatic event. They are trained to remain calm and neutral, give the right advice and get all the facts from people who might be in a state of shock.

There might be a hundred calls in a day, but for some call handlers there are a few that will always remain in memory. Calls are always recorded, and some are put out there for the public to hear. From children screaming down the telephone, to murderers calling to confess their sins, it has always struck me that no matter the situation the handlers always respond appropriately and eerily without judgement.

Keep reading for the worlds most shocking 911 calls…

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