Sheffield – It’s abit Oreyt.

Sheffield – It’s abit Oreyt.


Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Pennines you’ll find a city that compares to no other. A city that has its own language, its own brand of relish, and a history seeped in the hard stuff known as Steel. And a really really decent nightlife.

Sheffield is a city surrounded by rolling hills, on the border of the Peak District National Park. But you don’t have to venture too far outside city limits to find nature. Sheffield is home to some of the most beautiful parks and woodland the UK has to offer. In the south side of the suburbs, you’ll find Lady Spring Wood, more commonly known as Beauchief Woods. Running alongside the immense expanse of Beauchief Golf Course, there are still many secrets tucked away inside the trees.

Did you know that a WW2 Bunker sits behind the sprawling estate of Beauchief Hall that sits in the heart of the woods? It was set up to plot the track of enemy aircraft using a theodolite type apparatus, and report information such as bearing, height and number of aircraft to a command structure that scrambled aircraft to intercept. During the 1950s the threat of nuclear war was very real, and the defunct bunkers became places of safety before being long abandoned.

If you venture closer into the city, you’ll find Whiteley Woods. Stretching from Endcliffe Park and up towards the Mayfield Valley, Whiteley Woods is home to Forge Dam and The Shepherd Wheel. The latter of which is a cute little building that sits along the Porter Brook, and is open to the public and school visits. The walk from Endcliffe park up towards Forge Dam takes you along the Brook towards “the stepping stones” which are every parents ideal photo opportunity. The Dam itself has also undergone changes, with the privately owned cafe providing sheltered outdoor seating directly next to the Dam itself.

Shepherd Wheel
Forge Dam

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