Scary Pics From Mother Nature

Scary Pics From Mother Nature

Real life can be pretty scary sometimes.

Especially when its completely out of our control.

When Mother Nature gets down to business, there’s really not much we can do to stop her.

Take this lot for example. Mother Nature brought out the big guns for these…

1. French Street under water

Not too sure if the sign fell into flood water, or if the waters actually went that high! Either way, French Street was most definitely looking very eerie that day!

2. Guts Antlers

Definitely one of those situations where “you shoulda seen the other guy!”

3. Stingray Chunks

Whatever took a bite out of this Stingray, it didn’t stick around to finish its meal!

4. Burning Tree

Just a fire burning inside a tree, completely undisturbed by the outside, nothing to see here…

5. Good day in the front, Bad day in the back

The weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. But when theres blue skies ahead and a raging storm behind its hard to know what to think!

6. Fish Mouth

You wont catch one of these on a plaque in the doctors office any time soon!

7. Flower Skulls

Believe it or not, these are not tiny monkey heads

8. Catching some Lunch

Unlucky fish.

9. I don’t even Know…


10. Bird Antlers

Another example of why its never a good idea to get into a fight with a pair of antlers

11. Sand House

These bricks are on the way to becoming grains of sand

12. Don’t eat with your mouth open

This frog’s eyes are bigger than its belly!

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