Scar Stories – Behind the Scars

Scar Stories – Behind the Scars



Sophie Mayenne has launched a project to change the perception of scars

Featuring portraits and stories from those who’ve hidden their wounds

She hopes the project entitled ‘Behind The Scars’ will have a positive impact 

The stories behind their scars: Brave men and women share how fires, abuse and illness altered their appearance forever in deeply personal revelations
Behind The Scars

Isabella (pictured above) was scarred during a house fire in 2015 and went on to be treated at the burns unit in Fulham Road. She says that although her scars and scar tissues continue to change, she has ‘never felt more beautiful’

Grace (pictured above) sees the scar on her stomach and the dent in her head from brain surgery as a collection of markings and memories which she has learnt to love. She explained how she has a line all around her head now which will never grow hair

Agnes (pictured above) survived a gas explosion at the age of seven which left her with scars on her face. She has since undergone 27 reconstructive surgeries, but says she has always been comfortable with her scars

Mercy was scarred when she was burned in a fire that was started as an act of domestic abuse. She now calls them ‘the most precious, and expensive pieces of jewellery’ she owns, and she hopes by sharing them she can help other women

Chloe (pictured above) began self harming at age 13 and learned to accept her scars after plastic surgeons revealed they couldn’t reduce their appearance. She explained that all you can do is ‘love your scars so much’ that the negative connections you have with them ‘slowly disappear’

Maya (pictured above) was diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) at just 18 months old. The condition means the skin is very fragile and will easily blister. Maya says that while EB will always be a huge part of her life, she will never let it take over

Adèle Prieur (pictured above) received these scars from undergoing several surgeries for bone transplants to treat Ewings sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. She explains how doctor took pieces of bone from my leg and thigh for the transplants

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