Places You Should Visit: The National Science and Media Museum

Places You Should Visit: The National Science and Media Museum

If you’re like me and you like cheap days out to look at interesting things. Or even if you want to go out there and see things that’ll make you feel old. The National Science and Media Museum is for you!

Somehow while discussing going to bed, I said I’m going to “Bedfordshire” to which the other half stated that she’d been to Bedfordshire, when she went to visit the National Science and Media Museum.

It turned out that she hadn’t been to Bedfordshire at all, she’d in fact, been to Bradford.

Then somehow we got onto the subject of going to the museum in Bradford, not fussed about going to Bradford; I wasn’t looking forward to this at all.

To my surprise though, this turned out to be a great day out!

Open daily from 10am until 6pm, you’ll get several floors to discover that covers everything from the history of British television and cinema, all the way to old school technology.

To take a look at their website, you can visit them here.

The museum is free entry, with donations welcome. But they also have an IMAX cinema there should you want to go and see a film on a very big screen.

As you walk around you’ll see many different areas, many of which made me feel old. The gaming consoles for instance and seeing how long it was since a Playstation came out. Or the fact that a Nokia phone I’d long sought after is now in a museum, it wasn’t that long ago it was modern technology!

What did it for me however, was the gift shop. Boy do I love a good gift shop! There is cheap parking not far from the Museum also; so if you’re in the area and fancy a trip out, definitely go and visit.

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