Places You Should Visit: Lady Clough Forest

Places You Should Visit: Lady Clough Forest

We all like a ramble don’t we? I don’t mean going on about some uninteresting topic, no. I mean having a good old walk. Not at the moment mind with all this snow, but Spring will soon be upon us. And there is no better time to get your picnic baskets ready, get your walking boots on and head down the Snake Pass road between Glossop and Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton (in Derbyshire). The Snake Pass road is pretty famous for being one hell of a dangerous road to drive on at the best of times.

Overlooking some beautiful landscape, one patch of ice and you’ll be down a hill quicker than you can slam your brakes on. This is why during the slightest snow, the road is closed. Just recently a car attempted to drive through Snake Pass during the huge snow storm we had and ended up on its side.

But as long as you drive carefully when it is open, you can stop off at the Snake Pass Inn, get yourself a good meal and drink, then head off for a hike down one of its many trails. The one we recently went to is called Lady Clough Forest. As you drive way from Snake Pass Inn towards Lady Bower Reservoir, you’ll eventually come to a big area to park. Dump your car there, cross the road and you’ll find a path down to the forest. A popular spot for campers and walkers, this runs along a small river.

It can get pretty muddy if it’s rained, but when its dry the walk is pretty easy-going, just a few miles along and a beautiful spot to be for the day. See below to see my recent adventure to Lady Clough Forest.

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