Move House?! No Thanks, I Don’t Think I’ll Bother!

Move House?! No Thanks, I Don’t Think I’ll Bother!

Anyone who’s ever undertaken a house move will agree it’s one of the most challenging life events, both physically and emotionally, that anyone can go through.  In a recent poll, two-thirds of people voted moving house-top of their stress list, with it triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.   The following stories might either make you laugh or cry, but above all will definitely make you thankful and relieved you decided not to take the plunge and to stay where you are!

Read on…..

Me and my husband were moving from our rented house in to our first bought house.

I couldn’t get time off work, so I helped pack everything up the night before, leaving instructions with my husband.
We had hired a van, and his friend was helping. I popped over at lunch, and my instructions had been mixed up. The bags from the front room were supposed to go to the tip and the bags from the dining room for the new house.

Yes, he had taken all his clothes to the tip! My boss took pity on me and gave me the afternoon off, and they spent the afternoon rooting round for his clothes!


I hadn’t been in my house long (so didn’t know the neighbours well), when a removals van pulled up outside of a house that had been on the market for ages. The two men were very pleasant and hard-working – one of them
even broke off to help me with my shopping bags.

As the owners weren’t there I returned their kindness by giving them both tea and biccies. Eventually they left.
Then, two days later, the neighbours returned from holiday to find their house completely empty!

Red-faced, I gave a description of the two men to the police, the men were never caught and the neighbours never spoke to me.


My friends bought a quaint old cottage in a remote Devon village.

It needed completely modernising and they began by pulling up the tatty ancient stair carpet. Unfortunately the stairs then collapsed, having been held together by the carpet!

When stripping walls in friends new house we found several holes which had been badly filled by a builder or the previous owner.

They had used as little proper building materials as possible, and instead filled the holes with boxer shorts, socks and vests.

I always wondered if they were naked by the time they finished the renovations!



When I was a kid my family and I moved house. We had to move in with my great uncle for a couple of weeks until our new house was available. Big mistake! My uncle had lived alone for some years in a large old Victorian house. The house had not changed for years and all of his things were from the 1960s or older and had never really been used.

The first thing to happen was my mother wanted to turn up the heating.  This caused one of the radiators to leak, which in turn soaked through the floor and through to the room below. The first we knew of this was when puddles started appearing on the rather expensive parquet flooring. It had run down the velvet curtains ultimately
causing them to shrink.

My mum then proceeded to do some washing in the rather antiquated washing machine. Unfortunately the seal had perished and the machine leaked, flooding the kitchen.

A couple of days later the toilets all got blocked due to the increased usage so my dad had to spend the next few days down the sewers removing the ‘waste’. My uncle attempted to use a metal rod at one stage and managed to smash the toilet which had to be replaced. Being an antique toilet it wasn’t a cheap replacement. All in all it was an eventful time and one I’ll never forget!


I well remember showing a gentleman around a house when I was an estate agent. He wanted to see everything and asked to go down to see the cellar. When I opened the door he went down thinking there were steps but in fact it was a sheer drop!!

Fortunately he dropped into an old bath filled with foam so he wasn’t hurt too much only his pride and my job.

But finally, through good or bad moments or wherever any of us end up living……


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