Make-up For Mind & Body – Aloha!

Make-up For Mind & Body – Aloha!


I was recently feeling as if I needed to give some time to myself. Something I am not usually accustomed to, but when I saw an offer as I was scrolling through Facebook that I couldn’t refuse it brought me to a tiny little place called Aloha on the affluent Ecclesall Road area of Sheffield.

I was introduced to Sam Justice Wheeler, who immediately made me feel as if I had definitely made the right choice despite some initial hesitation.

Do I really need a massage? Can I really afford to take a couple hours out of day? 

If anyone is ever asking themselves these questions, then I can tell you from experience that the answer must always be yes. Yes you do need a massage and yes you can take a couple of hours out of your day for yourself.

I had an hour in Sam’s enchanting treatment room, learning about her techniques and enjoying moments of peace and quiet too. At the end of the session she offered me an Angel Card reading which I gratefully accepted and found it a lovely way to finish the hour.

There is a very spiritual vibe to Aloha, but it only serves to make it far more intimate than any other place I have been before. It can be daunting going somewhere for the first time, meeting someone who is essentially going to be touching you more intimately than anyone you normally meet for the first time!

But Sam is very good at putting you at ease, offering a tailor made service for body and mind and it was after this initial meeting that I was invited for another session at Aloha.

Due to a recurring back problem that had recently reared its ugly head we decided to have a make-up session. And it was unlike any make-up session I’d ever had before.

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