LootCrate Unboxing – December 2017: Explore By Patchman 21

LootCrate Unboxing – December 2017: Explore By Patchman 21

Being a massive fan of subscription boxes for probably the last year now, I often find myself trawling through YouTube. As I watch endless amounts of these videos, I only subscribe to a few of the unboxers.

I also often find myself jealous of these people, as I’d love to spend my money every month on these boxes. But alas, I don’t have the money, nor the space in my house to put the things I receive.

There’s a few companies out there that actually give decent stuff away each month, but then there are ones such as LootCrate that are starting to fail.

One of the people who I do subscribe to is ‘Patchman 21‘. Most of the unboxers you watch are always too positive with what they receive. These loot companies see these videos and think “Oh good, they liked that rubbish, bad quality key ring. We’ll put more in.”

What they should be watching are videos like Patchy, who actually gives you an honest review of what he’s been given. If it’s crap, he’s not likely to go “Oh wow! This is awesome!” Hence the reason why I watch his videos daily.

In this video below, he kindly promoted the competition that we currently have running. So in return, I hope he doesn’t mind if I promote his channel as I feel unboxers like Patchy deserve more subs! The more people who view theSponge will hopefully be sent his way too!

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