London Horror Smash – 3 Teenagers Dead

London Horror Smash – 3 Teenagers Dead

  • Harry Rice, 16, was making his way to a birthday party when tragedy took place
  • Youngster and two friends were ploughed into by an out-of-control Audi
  • Police were called to Shepiston Lane in Hayes, west London, last night at 8.41pm
  • Three teenage victims are confirmed to have died despite efforts of paramedics 
  • A 28-year-old man has been arrested after an Audi ploughed into a bus stop  

The first victim to be identified in the London Horror Smash is 16 year old Harry Rice. ( Pictured Below)

Harry and two of his friends were pronounced dead at the scene around 8.41pm last night 26/01/18. Tributes have been pouring in ever since.

Harry’s devastated mother and sister paid tribute to him on Facebook by changing their profile pictures to photos of the smiling teenager.

The youngster’s friends have also been sharing messages of support to his mother Nicole Sales and his sister.

Friends and family members were this morning visiting the scene of the tragedy to pay tribute to the three boys.

A card read: ‘My darling baby boi, my heart is broken. Love always Mum and Vinnie.’

Other tributes left at the scene were dedicated to two boys named locally as Josh and George.

Another said: ‘I thought I would never have to write this and I don’t know what to write but I will always love and miss you millions.’

Elsewhere, a card read ‘To my bro, always together for ever,’ while a fourth said: ‘To my darling baby boi my heart is broken, love mum, Vinnie.’

The Audi that ploughed into Harry and his friends

A 28-year-old man who was inside the vehicle – a black Audi – has been arrested and was taken to a west London hospital for treatment.

Friends who visited the scene to leave flowers said she had spoken to one of the boys at the scene.

A devastated pal said: ‘I spoke to one of the boys here last night, they both saw their mates in pieces on the floor.

‘George and Josh were best mates and stuck together like glue, like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

‘They were all lovely, lovely boys, the best boys you could meet.

Eyewitnesses to the devastating crash said they saw two boys punching and kicking a person suspected of being the driver of the Audi.

Amandeep Matharoo, 27, and Jake Webb, 18, drove up to the scene and stopped when they saw three people fighting in an Esso garage forecourt and were the first to ring 999.

Amandeep said: ‘I saw the boys fighting in the forecourt of the garage with an Asian guy on the floor, they were punching and kicking him, they told us he had killed their friend and said call the police.

‘We saw two of the boys on the floor and paramedics came within about two minutes and they lifted one of the boy’s arms and it just fell straight back to the floor.

‘The lads were shouting on the phone and saying three of our friends are dead, they were hysterical and in pieces.’

Jake Webb, 18, said: ‘I saw two white boys punching and kicking an Asian man who was in his late 20s, I said stop and that I was going to call the police and they said he had hit our friends.

‘They had already started attacking him in a bush, he was walking away from the scene and they were pushing him.

‘A lone paramedic turned up first and the friends literally drained her ambulance of everything, the boys were trying to take everything out to help their friends.

‘The boys were lying in the road, one was wearing a white jacket.

‘It was just terrible, I will never forget it.’

‘My friend here last night said an Asian passenger in the Audi ran away from the scene with a bag.

‘I think they got him outside the Premiere Inn down the road.’

Roadside recovery firm security guard Tony Kitchin, 44, works next to where the lads were killed said the road was a death trap where ‘lunatics’ often break the speed limit.

He said: ‘It’s a death trap and people who drive down this road are lunatics, I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents.’

Police have said that the incident is not being treated as terror related, and have urged anyone who may have witnessed the crash to come forward.

All of the next of kin of the deceased have been informed, the Met Police said.


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