Logan Paul Adds Security Around His Property

Logan Paul Adds Security Around His Property

After many death threats and constant abuse online, it appears Logan Paul has increased his security at his $6.55 million mansion.

Pictured is a squad car parking outside the gates of his property.

With celebrities now being decided on how many subscribers you get on YouTube, it wouldn’t be long before some high-profile “celebrity” got himself in some hot water.

Pretty much the entire world already knows about Logan Paul’s video in Japan by now. As he visited the Aokigahara forest, also known as the suicide forest where many people go to kill themselves; he thought while visiting, it’d be a good idea to take a camera in there with him and do a “vlog”.

Unsurprisingly while visiting said forest he eventually comes to a dead body hanging from a tree; now what normal people would do in this situation is, well, not visit the forest in the first place.

But if someone found themselves in that forest you either ignore the dead body and leave or you phone the police. Unfortunately, being the young, stupid kid that he is, he carries on filming while trying to make a joke out of the whole thing.

Maybe that was his way of trying to cope with finding a dead body, obviously unless you’re in that situation you don’t know what you’d do. But what must have gone through his head to blur the dead mans face out and then post that video online is truly baffling.

People have come to his defense saying he’s just a young boy, he doesn’t know any better. Unfortunately, the young boy is in his mid-20’s and when you have 15 million subscribers on YouTube, watching your content daily; you should really know what and what not to do.

Despite his sort of apology for the event online where he added a hashtag at the end of it. Another video has popped up online where he walks around dressed as a Pokémon, throwing a Pokéball at random Japanese residents is what can only be described as disrespectful and racist.

Unfortunately this is the world we’re living in now. People can make millions from platforms such as YouTube, while he gets to run around making a mockery of the entire world. Young children watch these videos, what happens when they think it’s OK to throw a Pokéball at an Asian classmate because they’ve seen it on Logan Paul? 15 million people follow Logan Paul so everything he does is OK right?

But of course, he’s a high earner for YouTube so the punishment will be minimal, obviously if it was a smaller channel doing this, they’d be removed instantly. Young children won’t understand the issues with Logan Paul so he’ll still get follows and eventually this whole thing will be swept under the rug. Hopefully when Logan Paul decides to return from his “hiatus”, he’ll make a better judgement in knowing when not to post something.

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