So, Your Kid Is Autistic. Now What?

So, Your Kid Is Autistic. Now What?


So, that’s it then. The years of knowing in your heart is on paper. That little doubt that said “maybe they’re not, maybe I’m imagining it” is erased. Your child is autistic. They have a diagnosis. They are one of the millions upon millions of people all around the world who fall underneath that spectrum they call “autism”. And even if you have always known in your heart, it does not make the words right there immortalised on paper any easier. You begin to ask yourself, “What does this mean for my child?” and “What do I do now?”

The answer is that there is no real answer. The spectrum is so vast that it is as endless as space and time itself. What works for one child, will be a trigger for another. Some children are non-verbal, with accompanying health issues. Some children have choice vocabulary, others speak fluently and coherently and often. Sometimes too often!

Wherever they are on the spectrum, and whatever the challenge, one thing autism shares is that their world is not our world. Their views are not our views.

Their thoughts are on a different plane, and sometimes beautifully so. The world is a confusing place, even for those of us who can try to make sense of it. Why do we make sense of it? Because in order to understand our existence we need to understand our purpose. What if the purpose is no more than enjoying the vibrations of a moving car? Or the sound your own mouth makes as you pucker your lips? Standing there with a piece of paper in your hand that says your child has limitations can hurt, but the first step is to re-adjust your expectations. Both for your child and yourself.

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