IS THAT ALL?! You Won’t Believe How Ungrateful Children Are These Days!

IS THAT ALL?! You Won’t Believe How Ungrateful Children Are These Days!

Most parents will agree that some of the worst three words to hear at Christmas are: “Is that all?“*

Do you think you are right in feeling that you’re the only parents in the world to have created a child who dares to ask it? WRONG!!

Sometimes, a screaming meltdown in the toy aisle or a ‘gimme-more’ attitude under the Christmas tree is just a laugh-about-this-later kind of story.  Other times, a brat attack can often serve as a wake-up call for many parents to make major changes as a result of holiday misbehavior.

Read on to find out about many parent’s worst “ungrateful brat” moments, and what they did or didn’t do about it.

Not the thank-you we were hoping for….

My 5-year-old was upset about not getting the exact gift he wanted.  He then proceeded to pull down his pants and pee on the carpet.  Off to his room to think about it.

In your face, mom!….

My daughter was given a much wanted gift from Santa after we had explained to her that Santa may not be able to fill such a tall order.  She proceeded to shout for joy and scream “see I told you I’d get it from Santa! I TOLD YA!”  Not the grateful appreciative response I’d hoped for.

Get this kid a lump of coal….

She spit in Santa’s face.

And you think the doll has a big head….

My daughter isn’t too bad.  She’s usually pretty thankful for what she w=has but, last Christmas she kind of upset me.   She wanted a Lalaloopsy doll SOOO bad last year.  Well of course the one she wanted was nowhere to be found so my husband searched and searched online until a week before Christmas for the one she wanted and FINALLY found one…for £20 more than it was worth, but we ordered anyway.   So, on Christmas morning she was so extremely happy she finally got one…….until I took it out of the box and handed it to her….she seemed a little surprised about how big and heavy it’s head was.  Later on she took all her presents to her room, except her Lalaloopsy.  I brought it in to her and asked her why she didn’t want to play with it.  She then said “I don’t like her.  Her heads to big and heavy.”  I just turned around and walked away fuming!  If only she knew what we went through to get that stinky doll!

We created a monster….

A close friend of our family came back from a trip bearing gifts for my children.  Upon receipt of his gift, which was a little hand-carved wooden box from one of the countries my friend visited, his response was, “Oh no, is that all?”. I immediately sent him to his room and I followed shortly thereafter.  I let him know what a rude, ungrateful little sh_— he was and that his behavior was going to result in some serious alterations in his acquisition of new things.  He was then sent out to apologize to our friend. After our friend left, my husband and I discussed his horrible behavior and knew we had created this monster by our buying the kid just about anything he wanted, anytime he wanted it. His punishment for this behavior was being grounded for a week and each day of that week he had to pick out four of his gazillion toys to donate to homeless children. When the first day of “toy picking” resulted in him picking out little throw away “Happy Meal” toys, he was grounded for an additional week and informed that two of the four toys would be chosen from his favourites. We’ve stopped over-the-top toy buying and limit our purchases to special occasions or as rewards for good behavior and accomplishments. It took several months for my son to quit asking us to buy him something every time we walked into a shop. It was a tough lesson for all of us!

Ruined Christmas….

It wasn’t my kid, it was my cousin’s kids.  We ‘draw names’ and have a limit of £25.  My husband and I drew the two children of my cousin who are six and seven years old.  I bought each of the children a £24.86 gift that evidently wasn’t good enough.  They kicked and screamed and asked if that was “all they were getting” because it was stupid and they didn’t like it.  It literally ruined Christmas.  For the record, my cousin did nothing but sit there and ignore them while they screamed and ran around crying!!  Unbelievable!!!

Tag, you’re spoiled!…


I took my 6-year-old son to play laser tag and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards, on the way home he said “We only got to play 2 games!” Whatever happened to “thank you?”

That will suffice….

After we bought her the £200 skateboard she asked for, she unwrapped it and didn’t even say thank you or smile. She said good!!   We then told her that it would now be her birthday present too since she was so ungrateful.

AND FINALLY – The end of Christmas as we knew it….

My oldest child was 5, his sister was still an infant, and he had opened all of his gifts, looked around, and threw an absolute temper tantrum about the lack of things he perceived he had earned/warranted/expected. TANTRUM! Crying, yelling, name calling (to us!), using SWEAR WORDS, breaking things…. My husband and I were stunned. Who was this ungrateful, ugly, brat of a child, and how did he get into our house?! That was the end of Christmas as we knew it. We were so ashamed of his behaviour, but truly we were ashamed of ourselves. We had let him become this way, we had allowed this behaviour. This was the worst episode, or the most obvious to us, but it had been ongoing. There had been tantrums in the store that were soothed with a candy at the register. Hurt feelings were eased with a special present.

We were those parents, and I hadn’t realized it until that moment. What a slap in the face. I’m glad for that morning though, it  really taught us that we had become something we never expected. We took a big trash bag and collected every last toy he had received, and the non-essential clothing items (the fun clothes, he kept the boring basics). We told him he could keep one toy, and the rest were going to charity. I don’t think he believed us, but we took him right down to the soup kitchen and handed over the big bag of unwrapped toys. The screaming and crying was almost surreal, but it was a such an important day for us. We got back on track and have stayed that way ever since – our children make their Santa list for what they would like to give others. We shop Black Friday as a family and fill our shopping trolley (probably £50 total) with toys and games.

Our children write hand written thank you cards, AND personal/phone calls for every gift they receive, even if it’s a tooth-brush. And they are likely to get more socks, underwear and toothbrushes under the tree than toys. We do gifts, we get them toys, but really just two or three items that would be considered Christmas Toys. Our focus is on our family, how we can celebrate and be grateful for what we have, how we can share that with others, and how we can continue to look for the true meaning of the season: in our house, that means love, giving, and kindness. I’m grateful for that Christmas morning. It got us here.


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