Iconic Last Known Images

Iconic Last Known Images


At some point in time there will always be a “last time”. A last time you went out to play with your friends, and maybe you’re still an ‘it’ who hasn’t been tagged? A last time you walked out of a building, and never walked back in. A last time you spoke to someone and you can’t remember what it was about? Eerie to think that some of these historic images were the last of their kind. Keep reading to revisit some of the last known images of people and places in history…

1. RMS Titanic, 1912

This photograph is the last known picture of RMS Titanic on the surface of the ocean. It was taken during her maiden voyage at Crosshaven, Ireland, just after the vessel departed Queenstown where it had stopped before heading westwards towards New York. Three days after this photo was taken 1,514 people would be dead and the Titanic would be on the bottom of the North Atlantic after colliding with an iceberg in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history.

According to Time Magazine this photo was taken by Irish Jesuit priest Francis Browne who sailed with the ship for the first leg of its journey, from Southampton (England) to Cobh (Ireland) then called Queenstown. The priest would have stayed for the remainder of the transatlantic journey too, having received an offer of a ticket from a wealthy family he befriended while on board. When Browne reached Cobh, however, he received a note from his clerical superior, ordering him to return to his station immediately rather than sail on with Titanic.

2. Andrew McAuley, 2007

This is the last known photo of Andrew McAuley, an Australian sea kayaker who is now presumed dead. McAuley attempted to kayak 994 miles across the Tasman Sea in February of 2007 and was never found.

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