House of Horrors – The Unlucky 13

House of Horrors – The Unlucky 13



  • David and Louise Turpin appeared in court on Thursday and denied all 75 charges against them
  • They are alleged to have made their children stay awake until 4am or 5am every night then they slept all day 
  • They ‘tied them to their beds with chains and shackles for months at a time and none ever saw a dentist’
  • The children were ‘forced to watch them eat pies but were seldom fed themselves and showered once a year’
  • The ‘only thing they were allowed to do’ was keep journals, hundreds of which were recovered on Sunday 
  • The hospital caring for the siblings launched a fund for them on Thursday for strangers to donate to 
  • The siblings’ escape plan had been in the works for two years before they were rescued earlier this week 
  • If convicted of all, they face a minimum of 94 years in jail each but prosecutors are seeking life sentences

In a mountain-ringed development of tile-roofed homes in the Californian city of Perris, a nightmare was unfolding unnoticed for the 13 Turpin children who lived inside their dilapidated house.

One of the eldest daughters, aged 17, planned her escape for over 2 years before finding the bravery to execute it. When authorities turned up at the filthy property, what they found was a disturbing and upsetting scene.

The 13 children, whose ages ranged from 29 to 2 years, were so neglected and malnourished that they resembled children far younger. The 17-year-old who managed to escape was initially thought to be around 10 years.

The Turpin Family Home

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