GeekGear Unboxing – January 2018 By Patchman 21

GeekGear Unboxing – January 2018 By Patchman 21

Along with LootCrate, GeekGear is one of the bigger subscription box companies out there in the UK, who do a few different boxes. Not to the scale that LootCrate do of course, who have boxes for old games and television shows.

But along with their main subscription that comes in at around £19.99 (without shipping costs), they also do a World of Wizardry subscription box. This is for fans of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and anything related to it.

Not only that but they do a World of Wizardry wearable box that provides 4 exclusive t-shirts every month and a Wizardry “PINZ” box. I’m not really a fan of the PINZ to be honest however; I mean yeah they’re pin badges. But when are you going to wear them? I suppose you could get a cork board and stick them in there, but other than that they’re huge chunks of metal with a pattern on.

They also do a regular GeekGear PINZ box aswell when you get four massive pin badges in these too. The PINZ come in at £12.99 a month, the regular boxes come in at £19.99 a month.

Pretty decent stuff in these boxes too, so if you did want to subscribe then you wouldn’t be disappointed… If this was your thing of course.

But unlike other sub boxes, you don’t tend to get Pop Figures in these boxes, for that you’d probably want to go with Infinity Crates.

You can of course, visit them here for more information.

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