GeekGear Unboxing – February 2018 By Patchman 21

GeekGear Unboxing – February 2018 By Patchman 21

This month’s Geek Gear has arrived, for costings of this box, you can read last months unboxing post for all the options in there. As I stated before, this is one of the more well-known subscription services out there. While probably not the best, there are many alternatives out there at the moment, all of them trying to out-do each other.

Geek Gear do alright, they’re pretty mediocre recently, however this months stuff wasn’t all that bad. I actually like the umbrella they included. I’d never use it of course, mainly because I’m a bloke, with short hair and I wear a lot of hoodies. Maybe I would use the umbrella if I had it to hand, who knows.

You can get yourself signed up to Geek Gear at the following link HERE where you’ll get a few quid off and also get Patchy a few quid also.

But again, I think the main reason people sign up to these boxes are for the Pop figures you get inside, probably want to go with Infinity Crates if you want that sort of thing.

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