Everything Is Going To Be Ok!

Everything Is Going To Be Ok!


It’s never too late to reclaim your life. It’s true, we’re all heading for a death that’s as unavoidable as being stuck in traffic on a friday night. But that doesn’t mean we have to look at how many years we’ve clocked up and decide there isn’t enough left to do much with.

I’ve lived my life backwards for most of it. I had kids when I was too young to understand what it meant to raise another tiny human being, and married before I knew what happiness truly was. I spent my teens thinking the things which weren’t important were. And my 20s raising two children and a man-child who had more big issues than a street vendor.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I just accepted what I’d ended up with, and tried to make the most of it. I didn’t really have a sense of the years that were slowly ticking by until I hit 30 and my life changed drastically.

These changes lead to some massive realisations. A dash of spiritual development and a complete mental overhaul. In order to shift out of this hole I had found myself in I needed to re-evaluate my entire life.

Society is hard work. Our generation demands more of us than our forebears. Sometimes its just…overwhelming.

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