LearnDirect is one of the leading companies in providing education in the UK. With its vast array of courses available online and in centres around the country, over 3.5 million people have gained qualifications either by personal or government-funded courses. I was one of those 3.5 million at the startRead More →

The lipstick smeared on the pillow was blood-red. The first reminder that she wasn’t within her own sheets. Being intoxicated did not come naturally, and the champagne still swam within her veins. It had been a perfectly executed revenge. But not without flaws. Her heart beated swiftly at the thoughtRead More →

In the beginning it was easy to see why Frank was the best decision she ever made. He had the charisma of a heart breaker, but he always true to his word. He worked hard, but always made time for the things which were as dear to her as theyRead More →

Do you love STUFF? Here at TheSponge we can’t get enough STUFF! Which is why we want to share some of it with one lucky winner with our Geek Giveaway! We’ve rounded up some amazing prizes for the stuff-a-holic!* Pink Roses Mini Yankee Candle “On Writing” by Stephen King “The Martian” byRead More →

Since its first issue in 1888, nine months after The National Geographic society began, National Geographic magazine has been bringing us some of the most breath-taking images ever captured. Primarily containing articles about science, geography, history and world culture. The thick bound and yellow framed front cover is known internationallyRead More →