How To Blag Your Way Through A Job Interview…

How To Blag Your Way Through A Job Interview…


…In 5 Easy Steps

So it’s a new year, you’ve decided you’re going to make a New Years Resolution and find yourself a new job. You’re sick of doing the job you’ve hated for so many years, this year it’s going to be different. You’re going to go out there and find the dream job you’ve always wanted and you don’t care how you get it.

It’s usually harder for people to get a job in January than it is at any other time of the year. This is due to the fact that the festive season is over. The Christmas rush is over and employers don’t need as many people. If anything, employers are getting rid of the temporary staff they’ve employed over the last couple of months!

Also you’ve decided you’re going to look for a new job in the new year? Yeah, you and everyone else pal. So you may find yourself struggling to start off with.

If you Google when the best time of year to find a job is, they’ll tell you either January or February at the start of the year or September and October towards the end. Trust someone who has had many jobs in the past, it’s difficult to find a job in January. If however you at least make a start during these months you’ll have more of a chance of finding that dream job.

Don’t be put off by competition for the roles you’re going for. Yes in my experience it’s harder in January, but the earlier you make a start the quicker you’ll get a job.

How? Because the more applications you send off, the better you’ll be at sending them. The more interviews you have, the more comfortable you’ll be having them. If you’re truly serious about finding a new job, you need to start now. Do not let failure at the beginning deter you from trying. Even if you start now and it takes you until October to find a new job, so be it. Won’t it be worth it in the end?

Obviously sometimes the dream job can only be attainable by blagging it. If you’re already unemployed and have recently lost a job then knowing how to blag it is definitely a required skill.

Before we begin, I want to make sure you’re not trying to blag your way into knowing what the act of blagging is. This is generally a British term and I wouldn’t want to leave out anyone else that might read this post.

Thanks Google!

Look at the definition above. We’re going to go with option 1 with this one. We wouldn’t want you to steal a job in a violent robbery or by raiding the place.

So for those already unemployed, maybe you’ve been fired? Fired is an ugly word to bring to an interview. You know what the worst answer is to the question, “Oh really, what reason were you fired in your last job?”

Gross Misconduct.

Click next to find out how you should handle this.

The Five Steps:

How To Deal With The Gross Misconduct Stigma
Fired From A Temp Job? No Problem!
Lie On Your CV/Resumé
Do Your Research!
Be Chill, But Not Too Chill!

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