Black Mirror Is Back, How Excited Are You?

Black Mirror Is Back, How Excited Are You?

That twisted S.O.B Charlie Brooker is back and has finally had season 4 of the hit television show Black Mirror released on Netflix.

With the trend of bringing back television shows from the dead, Netflix has actually done this one a great service. Originally airing on Channel 4 back in 2011 with a limited 3 episode release, each episode which stars a different cast and story set in alternate realities, sent viewers into a frenzy as every week you are slowly built up to a huge twist at the end of the episode and then given a bittersweet ending. Most shows these days you can guess what the twist is going to be but with this, you don’t have a clue until right at the very last moment.

It was then back on our screens at the beginning of 2013 with three more episodes before releasing a Christmas special in 2014 and then that was that.

The saviours over at Netflix then decided to pick up the series for 6 episodes last October and the reviews were the best they’d ever been. With a bigger budget to work with and much more creative freedom, Brooker was able to take the show to the United States where it became an even bigger hit.

Well, the show is now back.

From today you can watch all six episodes and have your mind blown once more.

With more variety and hope than previous episodes according to Brooker, series 4 features a story made from the mind of Penn & Tellers Penn Jillette, Jodie Foster directs one of the episode and yes, by now everyone has heard about the Star Trek spoof episode. What is this, The Orville?!

Here are some of the early reactions from Twitter:

With the bad reviews very few and far between, you should definitely end the year and bring in 2018 by powering through these this weekend.

Why kill your brains with alcohol when you can do it with brilliantly written television and so many twists it’d put Hurricane Maria to shame.


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