The Best Revenge Continued

The Best Revenge Continued


The lipstick smeared on the pillow was blood-red. The first reminder that she wasn’t within her own sheets. Being intoxicated did not come naturally, and the champagne still swam within her veins.

It had been a perfectly executed revenge. But not without flaws. Her heart beated swiftly at the thought of their heated exchange, and even as she tried to raise her head into the morning light which came through the shafts in the window blind, there was a slight regret that she hadn’t been more vindictive.

Frank was fully clothed and sprawled out next to her, half of his body already on the floor. She recognised the Banksy canvases and the array of vinyl on the shelves above the bed. How she had ended up in Franks room was a mystery, but it mattered little. As she stirred, Frank slipped off the bed effortlessly. The loud thud which followed stirred him to life.

“Are you ok?” She asked, stifling a giggle which would hurt her fragile head.

Frank sat up sheepishly. “The feng shui in this room is all wrong.” He huffed.

After a moment of composure the two of them sat within the tangled bed sheets and tried to make sense of the night before.

“I suppose you’re going back to the real world now?” He asked.

She sighed softly, almost as if she didn’t want to go, but it was inevitable.

The city was coming to life. Mothers pushing prams in the direction of the local school, cars piled up on the main road trying to make their way into the heart of the city.

The shops illuminated in the dull morning light flickering in the distance. The office was not far away, and on a morning so crisp and clear as this Melissa decided to walk.

When she reached the office building her cheeks were flushed red, her breath was quick and she forgot the last time she had ever walked somewhere for the sake of walking. Even her head had cleared, and the hangover which had threatened to ruin her day was all but gone.

“Miss Smith?” A voice said, as she approached the elevator.

“Nobody has called me that for a long time.” She sighed, turning to face a fresh-faced Nathan.

He smiled like a child in a toy shop that had been told he could have the pick of anything he wanted.

“Shall we?” He said, gesturing her inside the elevator.

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