Food Porn. It’s an actual thing now. Since the birth of cookery tv shows we’ve been slowly heading towards the disgustingly delicious heights of the Food Porn era. Social media took the humble recipe and turned it into a lip smacking visual aide to getting a moist mouth. Shows suchRead More →

LearnDirect is one of the leading companies in providing education in the UK. With its vast array of courses available online and in centres around the country, over 3.5 million people have gained qualifications either by personal or government-funded courses. I was one of those 3.5 million at the startRead More →

Michael Wild, 28, is due to appear at Salford Magistrates’ Court this afternoon  Police said Ella-Rose Clover had ‘unexplained injuries’ and died on Sunday The 22-month-old was rushed from Wythenshawe,Manchester, to hospital Ambulance was called at around 1.50pm after reports she had a medical episode A man has been charged over the murderRead More →