Are You Oversensitive?

Are You Oversensitive?

There are those of us who are easily offended. And those who take being insulted with a pinch of salt. How do you know when you’re being slighted? And what is the appropriate reaction?

I don’t know if we are creatures of nature or nurture. But one thing I do know is that sensitivity can be cultivated. I’ve taken abuse for years and sometimes it makes me hardened against things. And other times I get upset at the things people say and do towards me. It depends on who is saying it. And that is usually the driving force behind my reaction.

Are you oversensitive? I think on some level we all are. It’s our reactions that separate us. Have you ever died inside and carried on smiling? Or overreacted knowing deep down you didn’t really need to do that? I know I have. But I am a creature of my mental health. And sometimes my emotions and reactions are as far removed from each other as my arse and tits.

We can’t always put our appropriate reactions into categories. Offensive toilet humour? Might be a bit gross but nothing to cry about. Best put that in the “uncomfortable laugh” pile. Belittling sarcasm? Might not be intended to cause offence, but it’s still not acceptable. Maybe that one goes in the “Don’t f’n patronize me” pile? No? The “Best respond with equal sarcasm” pile? I wish everything came with a label.

Intentions are very rarely clear though. And if they are, I often find the sensitive souls are suspicious regardless. I wish I could just dole out an appropriate reaction to everything intended for me. But, I can’t. Which begs the question, am I oversensitive? Or am I just confused sensitive?

The oversensitive, more often than not, will not react at all. Theirs is a land of people pleasing and stepping on eggshells. They think everyone is as sensitive as they are and fear inciting a negative reaction to the things they say and do. It’s like a long leafy branch of the Anxiety tree. And when they finally find the strength to stand up for themselves it usually comes like a dam wall breaking.

Take no more sh*t. Call people on their BS. Refuse to be taken advantage of. You’re on a roll now, why not tell that lazy colleague ALLL about themselves? You’re still oversensitive. You’re just on the other end of the spectrum now. You can’t win really. Not unless you laugh at every joke. Let them belittle you good-naturedly. But retort back when required. Its hard damn work being completely stable. Its hard work being liked and respected with the right amount of “but don’t take the piss with me”. Maybe we’ll never figure it out. Maybe we’re all just in a constant state of never knowing if our reactions will ever be appropriate? Hell if I know?! Now get lost.

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