10 Unforgettable X Factor Auditions

10 Unforgettable X Factor Auditions

As some of you are aware, X Factor 2017 has recently aired the grand final and crowned their yearly future failed musician. The show is a shell of its former self as it constantly tries to reinvent to compete with rival shows, most notably Strictly Come Dancing.

The show used to be fun to watch back in the early days with Simon Cowell berating people with borderline learning difficulties and setting members of the public up for widespread humiliation. Every now and then you do find someone with some tiny bit of talent and back them all the way to the final, only for them to lose out to someone less talented. What even is a “Rak-Su” anyway? Sorry Grace, it’s back to YouTube for you.

The winner of that years show is then given a record deal, releases a pre-written single which goes to number one just in time for Christmas before soon being forgotten about and eventually dropped from the label. Sure you get the rare success story who get themselves over with the fans before their inability to handle fame overwhelms them and they soon fade into obscurity.

As the years press on however ratings continue to drop, judges are swapped out between the same five people, the same insults are made, staged arguments etc. It’s evident that the public are seeing straight through this and it’s becoming more of a bore every year.

Whether you love it or hate it; at some point in your life you have watched an episode and maybe some of you have even thought to yourself, “Hmm, this isn’t half bad!”.

These are ten of the best audition mostly from people who probably should have won.

10. Turn My Swag On – Cher Lloyd

While she first appears to be nothing much than a dirty chav; Cher Lloyd is actually an awesome talent. With a big voice coming from such a small girl, she went on and finished 4th place after losing out to One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and the forgettable Matt Cardle.

9. Little Help From My Friends – Danyl Johnson

Also finishing fourth in his year of 2009, his rendition of this Beatles classic still haunts to this day. Many believe that Danyl was robbed from the title of X Factor winner and unfortunately past this show hasn’t had much in the way of success apart from a failed attempt at representing the United Kingdom at the Eurovision earlier this year but lost out to fellow contestant Lucie Jones, who then went on to fail winning that year. The eventual winner of the 2009 series of X Factor went to Joe McElderry, despite winning a majority vote he had his Christmas number one snatched away from him due to a protest to get Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” to number one instead and was then soon dropped from his record label.

8. Superstition – Olly Murs

Proving that you don’t need to win the series to become a success, Olly Murs finished 2nd place in 2009, losing out to previously mentioned Joe McElderry. While did lose he has since made a pretty great career for himself. Releasing 5 studio albums, headlining 5 tours, coming back to X Factor as a presenter and becoming a judge on next years The Voice UK you could say Olly is the most successful loser in the history of the show.

7. Blowers Daughter – Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers burst into everyone’s dreams with this version of Damien Rice’s famous track back in 2008; telling the judges she likes real music such as Damien Rice himself and the Beatles, she went on to finish also fourth. I know right, what is it with all these fourth place finishers?! Despite the claim of liking ‘real’ music she went on after the show to make two crappy pop albums that barely sold and is now clasping onto that 15 minutes of fame with all her might.

6. Sex Is On Fire – Jamie Archer

Jamie Afro competed in the strong year of 2009, eliminated on the sixth week of the live shows. Despite his strong voice in the opening audition and some obvious bias by Simon in the live shows this wasn’t enough to garner Jamie much success past the show.

5. Change Is Going To Come – Rebecca Ferguson

Sounding eerily like Amy Winehouse with a voice that could melt butter, Rebecca beat Cher Lloyd and One Direction to earn herself the number two spot in the seventh series of X Factor; narrowly losing out to the inferior Matt Cardle however she still managed to get a record deal out of Simon regardless, and is still holding her own in terms of a music career to this day recently releasing her first single from her fifth studio album.

4. Cannonball – John Adams

Taking a break from finalists for a moment we have John Adams also with a Damien Rice classic; unfortunately for John and one of the biggest travesties of the 2011 series, he never made it past the bootcamp stages. A featured singer in the auditions and cut way too early going in favour with the drug addicted Frankie Cocozza, he has since never made it to the big time, currently doing regional tours.

3. Ain’t No Sunshine – Joe Chukukere

Perhaps an early front-runner for Cheryl’s new baby daddy, this Sheffield native never made it past bootcamp. His lack of confidence became his eventual downfall and hasn’t been seen on television since, unknown whether or not he’s still making music I do know for a fact that I worked with the man doing outbound gas and electric sales.

2. I’m No Good – Matt Cardle

The first winner on this list, Matt Cardle won the 2010 series of X Factor, this version of the Amy Winehouse classic propelled him into the limelight, a limelight that expanded when he won the show however much like most of the X Factor winners he was unable to keep ahold of that limelight and soon fizzled out. Being dropped from Syco, he’s still fighting though and continues to make music but will never get to the level he was at when winning the show.

1. Your Song – Janet Devlin

One of the best auditions, not just in series 8 but of the whole show; this Irish stunner ended up finishing 6th in series 8 of the show. A voice that channels Sarah McLachlan and a style that matches no other. Since leaving the show she’s recorded two full albums in 2013 and 2014 respectively and slowly faded away back to her YouTube channel since. A great shame, with the right marketing and backing she could have been huge but Simon Cowell makes who he wants to make, a story all too well familiar with most X Factor contestants as ITV continues churning out the same rubbish year in and out.


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